Lycamobile UK Call, Sms, Data & Landline Standard PAYG Rates

Lycamobile is one of the largest commuting company. It is a national and international company that is serving its millions of customers across the world. Its all packages include what you want. Today I am going to give you some brief details on it’s PAYG process.

PAYG which means Pay As You Go is a pre-payment system in which subscriber has to pre-pay for the desired bundle. The great benefit of this system is that if you get this, your per incentive charged will be less deduct. I have enlisted all Lycamobile UK National Standard PAYG rates for your comfort. Check them and get the benefit.

Lycamobile UK National Standard PAYG Rates

Lycmobile UK provides us with very low price Pay As You Go rates. I have mentioned all Lycamobile UK National Standard PAYG rates below in the form of a table. This table consists of  UK Landline, UK Mobiles (Lycamobile), UK Mobiles (Other mobile), UK SMS (Lycamobile), UK SMS (Other mobile), DATA, and  UK Special Mobile PAYG rates.

Lycamobile National Rates
UK Landline 12p
UK Mobiles (Lycamobile) Free*
UK Mobiles (Other mobile) 19p
UK SMS (Lycamobile) Free*
UK SMS (Other mobile) 19p
UK Special Mobile rates 29p/min

Lycamobile UK Plans & Bundles:

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